The Wake Forest University Law Library is a private academic library that exists to support the educational and research needs of the faculty, students and staff of the School of Law. Also though, the library’s mission is to provide access to legal information to the Wake Forest University community. The library serves several constituencies — students, faculty, staff, the university community, the alumni, and the local judiciary and bar. The Library’s primary purposes are to support and to be part of the academic program of the Wake Forest Law School. It is also the major legal information center for Western North Carolina.

Part of the mission of the Library is to provide faculty, staff and students of the Law School and of the broader University community and attorneys in the region with sufficient information resources and services necessary for the support of effective legal research, to provide resources and services to the North Carolina legal community so that the practice of law will be improved for the benefit of all North Carolinians, and to meet the needs and demands of the general public to the extent possible considering our budget, staff and resources.

The Library endeavors to fulfill its mission of meeting the needs and demands of the general public and those of the North Carolina legal community by: providing information resources and services that are necessary for the research needs of users; providing bibliographic access to the information resources available within the confines of the Library for developing, maintaining and purchasing access tools that are convenient for all users; providing instruction in the most efficient and effective methods of legal research; answering reference questions, maintaining the physical environment of the Library to maximize the information resources of the Library; and locating and getting information that the Library does not have by the fastest and most economical means.